Confluence Park


Oct 17 2019


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Picnic Under the Petals Performance Series, curated by Justin Boyd

This FREE performance series will feature three artists presenting works that use the San Antonio River and the Confluence Park architecture as their inspiration. Three different approaches that will blend into a confluence of site, sound and performance. Please bring your own seating, drinks and snacks.


Justin Boyd-
Presents: Confluence: a quadraphonic electro-aquatic composition. Using two microphones to capture the sound of the San Antonio River Justin will be process the sounds in real time into projections and a quadraphonic composition.

Nathan Felix-
Explore Confluence Park on headphones to the sound design by composer, Nathan Felix.  Felix will compose music inspired by the area and mash it up to sounds of the river, sampled by sound artist, Justin Boyd.

Pamela Martinez-
Teletextile Performance & Sound Bath: Harnessing the unique sound properties of the parabolic forms at Confluence Park, Pamela will present Reiki, a composition inspired by her reiki practice with the help of the Teletextile Moving Choir followed by an hour-long Sound Bath aka Sound Meditation. These Sonic Meditations provide a way in for deep vibrational healing of the mind, body and spirit using the sounds of singing bowls, gong, harp, Shruti, vocals and other sound sources to provide you with a meditative and healing environment. Be sure to bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay down and enjoy. Some people prefer to bring a chair or cushion to sit on…


Justin Boyd: October 10th at 7pm
Nathan Felix: October 17th at 7pm
Pamela Martinez: October 24th at 7pm


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