Danica Bullis

Meet Danica Bullis, the Development and Communications Coordinator for the San Antonio River Foundation.

“No river – no San Antonio. It’s that simple and that crucial.”

You may have already met her paddleboarding, kayaking, cycling, jogging, bat-watching, firefly-dreaming, dog-walking, or art-marvelling anywhere on the San Antonio River from the Museum Reach to the Mission Reach. When she is not emersed in all things San Antonio, she never strays too far from the water, and is often found surfing somewhere on the Texas coast.

Born in rural southwest Colorado, Danica spent her days exploring the great outdoors, camping, rock-climbing and skiing the Rocky Mountains and rafting down the wild Animas River.  Being raised in a very environment-orientated family and community, Danica has always felt at home being an active part of nature and sees creative use and conservation going hand-in-hand.

As an educator and community builder with her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Education and Instructional Technology from the University of Texas, San Antonio, Danica is keenly aware that we are the guardians of our natural resources for future generations as well as for ourselves. Danica believes that when we talk about the San Antonio River Foundation’s development, we are implying an investment in San Antonio’s future that goes well beyond our immediate concerns.

Water is the foundation of life and San Antonio was born from the river. No river- no San Antonio. It’s that simple and that crucial.  Each time you visit the San Antonio River, Danica invites you to imagine the awe of the Ice Age hunters who discovered it nearly 12,000 years ago and the myriad people whose lives and livelihoods have been nurtured and sustained by it along the way. Danica’s passion is to ensure that same awe continues to surround the river in reimagined and inclusive ways for current residents and tourists who now discover and rediscover its endless beauty and mystique daily.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson.”

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