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Geof Edwards- A passion for public art & placemaking

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Meet Geof Edwards, Member of the San Antonio River Foundation’s (SARF) Board of Directors. Edwards is a lover of the arts, and throughout his first year on the Board, has focused his passion to enrich the experiences people have when they are along the San Antonio River, especially when it comes to the intermingling of public art and natural beauty. As a partner in a local architectural firm, he has planning and aesthetic talents with an enthusiasm for placemaking which he uses to help the Foundation with our Mission to enhance the San Antonio River Basin as a vibrant cultural, educational, ecological and recreational experience. The following interview was done when he was selected as the Featured Board Member for November 2016.

Q: How long have you been with the Foundation?
A: I am just completing my first year.  I started in September 2015.

Q: If any, what position do you currently hold?
A: I have recently transitioned from a committee member of the Strategic Planning Committee to a co-chair along with Matt Wallace [Board Member].  Brice [Board Chairman] has also talked to me about helping out with the Special Events Committee, but I have not officially started that yet. 

Q: Have you had roles in other non-profit organizations?
A: Prior to joining the San Antonio River Foundation, I served on the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum Board, the Carver Community Cultural Center Board, the Friends of Contemporary Art at SAMA Board and I’m currently on the Board of the Lone Star Art Alliance.  I’m an art lover at heart!

Q: What is your educational and professional background?
A: I have an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin, but since I hate balancing my check book I decided to go back to school and I got a Master of Architecture degree (also from UT Austin). As it happens, I use my finance degree more than I would like to admit in my role as a partner in a local Architecture firm. 

Q: What do you believe is SARF’s greatest accomplishment?
A: I love everything that the River Foundation has done.  This probably sounds like a cop-out, but what I mean is that I love all of the improvements as a collection.  I love the way that you experience each of the Foundations improvements through the act of walking (or biking) along the banks of the River. The river is San Antonio’s best pedestrian artery.  It allows those of us who don’t always want to travel by car to have our excursion enriched by captivating works of art that reinforce the natural beauty of the River.

Q: What are some of your hobbies or how do you spend your free time?
A: I enjoy gardening, cooking, playing soccer and listening to music.  Also, after a recent trip to Amsterdam, my wife Pat and I bought commuter bikes which we love to ride around the neighborhood and up to one of our local watering holes for a glass of wine in the evenings.  I leave the serious cycling to Brice and Matt!

Q: Where are you from? What are some of your favorite things about SA? Or the River?
A: I was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana but spent most of my formative years right here in San Antonio.  I enjoy eating street tacos and watching San Antonio continue evolve into a city that makes me so happy and proud that I don’t live in Austin.

Q: Why are you passionate about the SARF mission/What drew you to SARF?
A: Many of my passions and interests converge in the work of the River Foundation – realizing the installation of public art, improving San Antonio’s pedestrian connectors, and bringing attention to the River which is the life blood of San Antonio.

Q: Do you have any stories about yourself you’d like to share?
A: When I was in high school, I used to take my dates to the King William area of the river walk because I thought it made me look sophisticated.

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