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Cynthia Gomez- Preserving Cultural Heritage 

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Meet Cynthia Gomez, Member of the San Antonio River Foundation’s Board of Directors. Throughout her first year as a Board Member, Gomez has witnessed huge changes in utilization of the Riverwalk and growth in the urban core. Through ardent dedication, she is thrilled to continue to create opportunities for introspection and recreation for all San Antonians and further the Foundation’s mission of Beautification. Education. Preservation. The following interview was done when she was selected as the Board Member of the Month for August 2015.



Q: What position do you hold in the Board?
A: Huge Fan!

Q: Have you had roles in other non-profit organizations?
A: I was formerly involved in Voices for Education and am an active member of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and the Art Society Circle member at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Q: How does your profession influence your engagement with the San Antonio River Foundation (SARF)?
A: Ten years in real estate has taught me what a huge impact preserving and restoring a community’s cultural heritage and natural resources can have in terms of enriching lives in the community economically, socially and recreationally.  Because of my passion for restoration and urban renewal, I became designated as a Historic Property Specialist by the city of San Antonio and am a vocal proponent and avid supporter of the restoration and preservation of our historic neighborhoods and all of our natural areas.

Q: What do you believe is SARF’s greatest accomplishment?
A: Raising awareness and bringing people together to transform what was once a neglected resource into a world-class destination for recreation, learning and cultural enrichment. I think it’s important to mention how wonderful it is for typically disadvantaged subsets of the community to have access to safe, clean, inspirational environments to learn and play in. As a young, single, uneducated parent,  being able to have free access to educational information and environments that propagate wonder and instill appreciation for art and nature becomes a priceless gift society shares.   Visionaries and generous donors who bring projects like Confluence Park to fruition are producing a treasure and creating a legacy that transforms our world for good.

Q: How do you spend your free time?
A: I love art, being outdoors and exploring new places. Getting to know the Portals and the Reaches along the San Antonio River has become one of my favorite pastimes. 

Q: Why are you passionate about the SARF mission?
A: Because the SARF’s mission to promote projects and activities that enhance the stewardship and enjoyment of our river resonates with everything I believe in. The idea that you can get close to nature within the urban core is amazing. Being able to enjoy internationally acclaimed art installations without paying an entrance fee is incredible. Most importantly, the SARF mission transcends socio-economic boundaries by encouraging everyone to participate in the preservation of this precious resource for the enjoyment of all. 

Q: What do you hope to see in the future of SARF and/or San Antonio? 
A: I’m excited to see what's to come as SARF works in conjunction with our partners and donors to bring Confluence Park to life.  San Antonio is a vibrant, blooming environment and projects like this will help enhance this city with more beauty and wonder than we've ever seen here.  SARF is at the center of amazing things to come and I am blessed and humbled to be a part of it.

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